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Space saving & elegant

In this medium, we believe in experimenting with simpleyet elegant forms. A unique style in every project helps in giving it a personalised and homely touch. Our aim is to make every project stand out and satisfy the desires of our customer.In residential designing we expect client participation to a great extent and believein client review at every gradual step of thejourney. We hope to live up to our creative responsibility by providing you with the best. We holda variety of furniture, curtains, beds, lighting, wardrobe, and all other accessories required to make your dream home. We not only provide renovation of an existing residence but our services extend to designing and decorating residences from scratch. Through our designing we provide a comfortable,stylish and homely environment.

Commercial Interiors
Easy & quick

Commercial spaces must catch the attention of the brand consumer while expressing theCompany’s corporate image. We believe in living upto the company's style and beliefs. Everybrand has a different outlook and we hope to provide different outcomes for every outlook. Our clients can trust us with the optimum utilisation of a complete space for business and public use. Under Commercial Designing our services extend to offices, retail spaces, lobbies, restaurants and other public spaces. We can create visually interesting spaces according to a particular theme or bring a twist to the existing unremarkable place. We believe in understanding the customer needs and providing them a service within their budget. Our designers are trained toprioritize functionality and welfare without sacrificing aesthetics or sophistication.

Hospitality Interiors
Bright vision

We believe visual and physical comfortare essential to great hospitality. We are oneof the leading names in the hospitality industry.

LCS work cycle

  • Meet & Greet

    A member of our team schedules an appointment with you to meet and understand your requirements, preferences and the way you want to use the space.

  • On-site measurement

    Visit to the site and get a measurement of the space

  • Presenting Design

    First, a 2D/linear drawing is presented with the placement of furniture. After this is finalized a pictorial 3D is given so thatyou can visualise through a photo-realistic image,how your space will look after completion.

  • Starting on-site work

    Hiring of contractors, selection of materials negotiations and finalising of vendors setting up of a proper communication channel for perfect coordination between all the teams.

  • Hand over

    This stage is the final process and starts 15-20 days before handover. Here all theissues raised by you are addressed & a thorough cleanup is done and the site is ready to welcome you.

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